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So today experimenting with wired mod mesh. Its a ‘cast’ of the woman mannequin I have been working with quite a lot. The material was really easy to work with and gives a nice effect of letting the model be see through. The idea to go with it was to put the string through it and stretch it as much as i can to make it really sharp and tensed to get the effect of straight line. 


Andre Wee

André Wee is a twenty three year old Illustrator, Photographer and Visual artist from Singapore. After 2 years of service in the military, jumping out of planes and living in jungles, he currently finds himself back in school, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where he is still sleep deprived from work but very oddly happy.

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something similar I am trying to achieve by working with metal wire, string and mod mesh.   

A trip to north Berwick! and then decided to edit the photos a little bit.. 


Artist on tumblr - Erin O’Keefe born 1962,  is a visual artist and architect based in New York City and New Brunswick, Canada. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University. 

I am visual artist and an architect, and my work is informed by both of these disciplines. My background in architecture is the underpinning for my art practice, providing my first sustained exposure to the issues and questions that I explore in my photographs.

As a photographer, I am interested in the layer of distortion and misapprehension introduced by the camera as it translates three dimensional form and space into two dimensional image. In architecture there is a similar dissonance, as one attempts to describe concrete dynamic conditions with tools that are inherently abstract, negotiating between drawing, model and the potently absent building. The representation of the building and the building itself are two radically different things, as is the photograph and its subject. This inevitable and often fruitful misalignment is the central issue in my practice.

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the cast from mod rock of my brothers different parts of body. then used string to go around the face and planned what im going to do with the knee. 


Digital artist Paolo Čeric (previously) continues to crank out some of the most elegant and bizarre gifs I’ve seen lately. The Croatian artist relies on software like Cinema 4D, After Effects, and a programing language called Processing, as well as a wild imagination to strange forms that wobble and twist with energy. See more recent animations on his Tumblr.                


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